Student Organizations

Student organizations provide an many opportunities for students. By working in student organizations, students gain experience in working in and leading groups, planning activities, and evaluating the results. Most student organizations also provide links to similar adult organizations. The following are three organizations which are currently active in the School of Packaging.

All Packaging students are eligible for membership in the student chapter of CoPPAC.  Activities include field trips to packaging student events, attendance at packaging industry trade shows, company visits, and social events with other packaging students and faculty. Regular chapter meetings often include guest speakers from industry or other programs. A faculty member serves as the advisor.

Students also interact and meet with members of the professional chapters of IoPP in the state. Once each year, the Michigan Chapter, the West Michigan Chapter, and the student chapter hold a joint meeting in the Lansing area. The West Michigan chapter provides scholarships and also conducts a mentoring program for students.  Click the following link to the CoPPAC student chapter web site

Pi Kappa Gamma (PKG) 
Pi Kappa Gamma is the Packaging Honor Society within the School of Packaging. High-achieving Packaging students are encouraged to become members during their Sophomore, Junior or Senior years. Among other activities, Pi Kappa Gamma aims to connect students who are passionate about Packaging, while expanding their understanding of the industry and networking with industry professionals. Please click on the Pi Kappa Gamma page for additional information. 

For members: Click HERE for an interview packet

Diverse Leaders in Packaging (DLiP)
Diverse Leaders in Packaging (DLiP) is focused on bringing together packaging students from various backgrounds to promote inclusion and to expose them to the diversity they will encounter in the global workplace. Our Mission is to develop tomorrow's leaders in Packaging through inclusion and diversity of thought, on both a personal and professional level.
All Packaging students are welcome to attend, and you do not have to belong to a minority in order to join in and learn. Our meetings include guest speakers from the University or industry and promote celebration of our similarities and differences. Meetings are typically every three weeks throughout the semester.
This is our website:  Feel free to visit.

Packaging Graduate Association (PGA)   

Master’s and Ph.D. students, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral students in the School of Packaging are welcome to join the Packaging Graduate Association. PGA provides members with regular professional development, academic and personal support, social events, and community service opportunities. To learn more about upcoming events, watch for email blasts, attend the monthly meeting, or join our Facebook group.