Packaging Graduate Association

The Packaging Graduate Association (PGA) puts an emphasis on helping our graduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars network socially and professionally with each other, faculty, and the Packaging Industry. Through these connections we strive to build lasting relationships through our time at MSU and after graduation. PGA also represents graduate interests on the Graduate Curriculum, and Advisory committees of the School of Packaging.


Upcoming events are announced by email, flyers in the School of Packaging, and on our Facebook group:


If you would like to contact PGA, please reach out to one of the officers listed below. Industry members are invited to get in touch to set up plant tours and speaking engagements.


Meet the 2016-2017 Executive Board:

Eric Joseph Estrada (MS)



Alyssa Harben (MS)

Secretary and New Member Director


Chancy (Yuanchenxi) Zhang (PhD)

Vice President of External Affairs


Samaneh Rahimi (PhD)

Vice President of Industry Outreach


Paula Perez (PhD)

Vice President of Internal Affairs