USAID Workshop

1st Food Aid Packaging Solutions Workshop Series A USAID, USDA and MSU Collaborative Effort
May 23-24 2017

Register via the following link:

Cost to attend is: $50 per person and includes dinner and snacks/beverages.  Lunch is on your own both days.  See full agenda below. 

MSU School of Packaging, 448 Wilson Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824 Main contacts: Ruffo Perez, USAID ( Tel: 571-225-4287 Diana Twede, MSU ( Tel: 517-353-3869

Hotel information: Due to the Odyssey of the Mind State Finals taking place on MSU's campus during the week of May 22, hotels are limited near campus.  At this time, we can recommend the following two hotels: Spring Hill Suites Lansing MI 111 South Market Place Boulevard  Lansing  Michigan  48917  USA  ; 517-627-0002 

It will take ~ 20 minutes to get to campus in the morning from this hotel however the price is reasonable. 

Or  another option a bit closer to campus that still has rooms is the Courtyard: Address: 2710 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing, MI 48912
Phone:(517) 482-0500


The Main Objective of our SeminarGathering key food aid stakeholders to discuss the current status of food aid commodity packaging, challenges, new technological advances, potential solutions, and identify next steps in optimizing food aid packaging. The workshop should result in a report outlining specific steps to address current challenges using readily available technologies (2017), as well as research and innovation opportunities within the next three years (2017-2020).


Day 1



Potential Speaker/ Organization


Informal Networking and Self-Introduction



Welcome, Introduction, expectations, review of the agenda

Dr. Sue Selke,

Director MSU School of Packaging

Dr. Ruffo Perez

US Agency for International Development - USAID


A review of USAID/USDA Food Aid Packaging Research and Historical Support of Michigan State University

Diana Twede, Ph.D. Professor, School of Packaging Michigan State University

Mr. Steve Miteff

Food Aid Packaging Consultant and Former Deputy Director for USDA KCCO


Food Aid Packaging and Field Infestation Challenges

WFP (Shane Prigge, Thibaut MIRIEU) USAID (Jamie Fisher)

USDA (Dan Webber)


Coffee/Tea Break



Smart Packaging for Insect Control Safely Storing of Grain Hermetically

Jim Bagwell and Jordan Dey

ProvisionGard/ GrainPro Inc


Grain packaging: challenges and possible solutions

Prithiviraj Sundararaman and , Mark Emmanuel Brennan, MIT

12:30 – 1:30

Lunch on your own/group. MSU International Student Center Food Court, nearby



Fortified Veg Oil Packaging and Shipping Technologies: challenges and solutions

H Keith Powell, TransOcean, Columbia Oil, Incobrasa Company


Food Aid Flours, Fortified Flour Blended Food Aid Packaging: challenges and solutions

Didion, Bunge, SEMO, Challenge Dairy


MSU Dairy Store Ice Cream Break



Lipid-Based Nutritional Supplements (LSN) Packaging field performance (i.e. leaking, opening and hazards for kids) challenges.

UNICEF (Alison Fleet, Peter Jacobsen) USAID (Jamie Fisher)

WFP (Shane Prigge)


1.       Discussion/brainstorming on possible technology/packaging solutions

2.       Wrap-up first day



Group Dinner Kellogg-Center


Day 2



Potential Speaker/ Organization


First day readout/ Second day overview



MSU School of Packaging Laboratory Tour and Demonstrations

Dr. Twede/Patrick McDavid


Coffee/Tea Break/Networking/Walk Campus



Role of Packaging on Shelf Life: “shelf- life prediction based on oxygen and moisture sensitive products”

Dr. Eva Maria Almenar

MSU Food Packaging Scientist


The need for food aid packaging and supply chain tracking systems (Feedback loops App, barcoding, traceability)

Ruffo Perez/Shane Prigge USAID/ WFP


Lunch on your own, International Student Center Food Court, nearby



“The last  Mile”: Packaging within the preposition warehouse

Dave VD Walt,

Bollore, head of warehousing solutions

Paul Vizinanzo,

USAID Office of Acquisition and Assistance


The economics of food aid packaging

Dr. Yemisi A. Bolumole/

MSU Supply Chain Management and the Eli Broad College of Business

Dr. Diane Twede

Professor, School of Packaging Michigan State University

Dr. Dave Closs

MSU SCM Dept. Chair


1.       Discussion around possible technology/packaging solutions

2.       Wrap-up of workshop

3.       Potential Date for 2nd MSU-USG Food Aid Packaging Workshop


Food aid packaging technologies and potential changes and improvements


Technologies/ Changes

Issues to be addressed/ value-adding

Vegetable Oil

1.       Packaging harmonization (same size of cans)

2.       Comparison of packaging materials (can vs plastic)

3.       Bulk vs Packaged oil

4.       Cap technologies (resalable/screwing vs septum)

5.       Barcoding and traceability

1.       Minimize leaking in the field

2.       Cost reduction

3.       Improve stacking, transportation, field logistics and distribution

4.       Maintain quality (reduce Vit A & D Oxidation)

5.       Improve self-life

Flours (for further cooking/processing)

1.       New packaging materials

2.       Food protection

3.       Bag sizes (25 kg vs 2.5 kg)

4.       Bag vs cartons

5.        Barcoding and traceability

1.       Minimize field infestation

2.       Improve stacking, transportation, field logistics and distribution

3.       Reduce cost

4.       Gender friendly (small packages vs large packages

Super Cereal Plus

(Ready to eat)

1.       Assess more cost-effective secondary packaging

2.       Filling technologies (normal vs vacuum packaging)

3.       Barcoding and traceability

1.       Reduce cost

2.       Improve self-life


1.    Bulk packaging vs 25-kg bags

2.       New packaging materials

3.       Food protection

4.       Barcoding and traceability

1.    Minimize field infestation

2.    Reduce cost

3.    Gender friendly (small packages vs large packages

Lipid-Based Nutritional Supplements (LSN)

1.       Film appropriateness (MNs preservation, toxicology)

2.       Secondary packaging

1.       Minimize Leaking

2.       Reduce cost

3.       Increase shelf-life

 Research and Innovation possible work streams

Research/ Innovation Stream

Issues to be addressed/ value-adding

1. Food Aid Packaging Design and Predictability Model


2. Smart trackable Packaging throughout the supply chain, Food Aid Barcoding and traceability App


3. Fit for purpose food aid packaging and films


4. The Economics of Food Aid Packaging


5. Exploring the use of biodegradable films


6. Packaging technologies and longer shelf life of nutritious food aid product



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