Virtual Package Design - LIVE

Virtual Design
March 9 & 10, 2017
, East Lansing, Mich.,

Using computer-aided technology to help design packaging opens up new possibilities for creative excellence. Iterative prototyping aids designers in focusing on the positive consumer experience. These techniques are presented in a framework of Design Thinking in the MSU School of Packaging’s Virtual Design and Prototyping Live (VDP Live) workshop. The workshop fills over 16 hours with instruction, demonstration and most importantly, hands-on practice and creation. Attendees will use the School’s leading edge technology computer lab and prototyping facilities for integrative projects. Projects will result in both virtual and real packaging creations to take home. Among the topics explored will be cartons and boxes, 2D and 3D design, sample table and 3D printing prototypes, virtual and augmented reality for packaging and structural and graphics design.

For a sample of the results to be expected by attendees at VDP Live, download the following PDF and open in Adobe Reader (version 8 or newer).  If asked about enabling 3D content, select an option to trust the document. Then left-click and drag to explore the design.  Try exploring the different display modes, lighting, even cross-sections. This is just one of the formats used in VDP Live.

The class size is limited to 20 participants with a minimum of 10 participants. 
Come explore, learn and create with us in the darkest time of the year; we'll be sure to keep you enlightened!

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