Annemiek Schilder Ph.D.

Annemiek Schilder
Telephone: 517-355-0483

MSU Extension

Associate Professor - Diseases of small fruit crops; mycology; integrated disease management

Center for Integrated Plant Systems
578 Wilson, Rm. 105 CIPS
East Lansing, MI 48824

Diseases of small fruit crops; mycology; integrated disease management


BS, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Agronomy
MS, Cornell University, Plant Pathology
PhD, Cornell University, Plant Pathology


General areas of expertise:

Diseases of small fruit crops, mycology, integrated disease management


Overview of current program:

The main goal of my program is to develop environmentally and economically sustainable methods of disease control in small fruit crops. Current research activities include the morphological, pathogenic, and genetic characterization of pathogenic fungi in blueberries, cranberries, and grapes. We are also studying the epidemiology and control of mummy berry and anthracnose fruit rot in blueberry, and Phomopsis cane and leaf spot in grape. Other research focuses on the effects of Eutypa dieback and downy mildew on growth and yield of grapes. We developed a PCR-based detection method for Eutypa lata and Eutypella vitis in grapes. In addition, we evaluate cultural and biological methods for control of strawberry black root rot as well as reduced-risk fungicides and reduced spray schedules for control of diseases of grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries.


Recent publications:

Hancock, J.F., Schilder, A.M.C., and Cerce, S. 2006. Foliar disease resistance in elite strawberry germplasm grown with and without soil fumigation. Advances in Strawberry Research (in press).

Catal, M., Jordan, S.A., Butterworth, S.C., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2006. Identification of Eutypa lata and Eutypella vitis in grapevine by nested multiplex PCR. Phytopathology (in press).

Wharton, P.S., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2005. Effect of temperature on apothecial longevity and ascospore discharge by apothecia of Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi. Plant Disease 89: 397-403.

Schilder, A.M.C., Erincik, O., Castlebury, L., Rossman, A., and Ellis, M. 2005. Characterization of Phomopsis spp. infecting grapes in the Great Lakes Region of North America. Plant Disease 89:755-762.

Hanson, E., Berkheimer, S., Schilder, A., Isaacs, R., and Kravchenko. A. 2005. Raspberry variety performance in southern Michigan. HortTechnology 15:716-721.

Schilder, A.M.C., Smokevitch, S.M., Catal, M., and Mann, W.K. 2005. First report of anthracnose caused by Elsinoë ampelina on grapes in Michigan. Plant Disease 89: 1011.

Olatinwo, R.O., Schilder, A.M.C., and Kravchenko, A.N. 2004. The incidence and causes of postharvest fruit rot in stored Michigan cranberries. Plant Disease 88: 1277-1282.

Olatinwo, R.O., and Schilder, A.M.C. 2003. First assessment of fruit diseases in cranberry beds in Michigan. Plant Disease 87:550-556.

Schilder, A., Isaacs, R., Hanson, E., and Cline, B. 2004. A pocket guide to IPM scouting in highbush blueberries. Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E-2928. 127 pp.

Isaacs, R., Schilder, A., Zabadal, T., and Weigle. T. 2004. A pocket guide for grape IPM scouting in the North Central and Eastern U.S., 2nd Edition. Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E-2889. 109 pp. 


Courses taught:

PLP 405 Plant Pathology 


Extension and outreach activities:

My extension activities have focused on training growers to recognize and monitor diseases in their fields as well as to increase their understanding of pathogen biology; conducting disease control demonstration plots, writing extension publications (including Pocket IPM Scouting Guides for grapes and blueberries), developing crop-specific websites, teaching in IPM Scout training programs, and giving farm radio interviews; helping to obtain special local needs or emergency exemption labels for fungicides when needed; and providing diagnostic services, field visits, and up-to-date control recommendations.  


Websites of interest:         

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