Brianna Patrick

Brianna Patrick

Brianna Patrick graduated from Michigan State University in Spring 2014 with her bachelor's degree in animal science and a specialization in environmental studies. She has completed an internship every summer from freshman through senior year. For one of her internships, she was stationed at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Oak Harbor, Ohio and described her experience to be the "perfect opportunity".

The refuge has been voted one of the Top 15 Best Birding Sites by Birders World. This land is also home to the Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid spreading over 10,000 acres. Brianna's role in wildlife management was to survey bald eagles, northern leopard frog catch and release, goose banding and weekly tree swallow nest box checks. During the internship she visited West Sister Island and banded over 120 birds each day with an estimated 5,890 nests recorded.

Brianna also participated in habitat management, monitoring water levels weekly in marsh structures and controlled primarily invasive plant species. Her favorite things about this job, were the Beaver Dam Investigation, visiting the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and having a variety of daily tasks.

Brianna is interested in shoebird and wood duck banding, ongoing water level monitoring and invasive work as well as vegetation surveys. Since graduation, Brianna has been enjoying her new profession as a Visitor Service Specialist at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Prairie City, IA.


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