Susan Selke PhD

Susan Selke
Telephone: 517-353-4891

School of Packaging

Professor; Director, School of Packaging

448 Wilson Road
Packaging, Room 130
East Lansing, MI 48824

Susan E. Selke is a Professor at Michigan State University and Director of the School of Packaging, where she has been a faculty member for 30+ years. She received a Distinguished Faculty Award from MSU in 2012. She holds MS and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from Michigan State.

Her research interests include environmental impacts of packaging; sustainability; plastics recycling; biodegradable and biobased plastics; composites of plastics with natural fibers; life cycle assessment; nanotechnology and packaging, and other areas. She has authored or coauthored several books on packaging materials and on packaging and environmental issues, as well as over 150 articles and book chapters. Courses she teaches include plastics packaging, packaging materials, packaging and the environment, stability and recycling of packaging materials, and analytical solutions to packaging design.


Recycling of plastics, Polymer composites, Environmental aspects of packaging, Life cycle assessment, Biodegradable plastics.

Instructional Activities

PKG801 Packaging Materials: Physical and chemical properties of packaging materials; design, manufacture, performance and evaluation of packages

PKG323 Packaging with Plastics: Physical and chemical properties of plastics and their relationship to selection, design, manufacture, performance, and evaluation of packages

PKG875 Stability and Recyclability of Packaging Materials: Interactions between packaging materials and environments: corrosion, degradation, stabilization, and recycling. Impacts of packaging disposal

PKG985 Analytical Solutions to Packaging Design: Analytical and quantitative techniques for packaging design and evaluation

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