Gary Burgess is a professor at the School of Packaging, Michigan State University. He has been a member of the faculty since 1984 and has completed many projects sponsored by industry under the Consortium for Distribution Packaging. His research interests cover areas related to shipping, which include package design for protection against shock, vibration and temperature changes during distribution; measurement of the shipping environment; performance testing following ASTM, ISTA and ISO protocols; and evaluation of new cushioning and insulation materials. He teaches courses on packaging materials, distribution dynamics, and performance testing.

Instructional Activities:

PKG 410 Distribution Packaging Dynamics: Identification and measurement of hazards in physical distribution. Methods of protection against climate, shock, vibration, and compression.
PKG 450 Automotive and Industrial PKG: Returnable and expendable packaging for part shipments to assembly plants, cost justification, service parts packaging, logistical systems, and material handling.
PKG 490, Section 004 Directed Studies in Packaging: Development of solutions to specific packaging problems. Supervised individual study.
PKG 803 Packaging Distribution & Dynamics: Transportation environment, distribution packaging design and testing.
PKG 805 Advanced Packaging Dynamics: Shock and vibration. Distribution hazards and product fragility. Cushion performance and package design. Environmental measurement and simulation.

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