George Smith

George Smith

Professor, Reproductive Physiology & Molecular Endocrinology
Telephone: (517) 432-5401
Work Location / Address: 1230D Anthony Hall
Employed by / Works For: Department of Animal Science

Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Associate Director, AgBioResearch


  • BS, University of Idaho
  • MS, University of Missouri
  • PhD, University of Missouri
  • Postdoctoral Research, The Salk Institute



Research program is focused primarily around understanding the local regulation of ovulation and corpus luteum development with major emphasis on the regulation and regulatory role of extra cellular matrix degrading proteinases and their inhibitors in follicle rupture and the periovulatory follicle/luteal transition. Second area of interest is the central and neuroendocrine regulation of the stress response in livestock and development of ways to reduce the negative effects of stress on animal health and performance. Ongoing efforts here are focused primarily on determining the contribution of the corticotropin releasing factor and arginine vasopressin systems to various components of the stress response in cattle. State of the art molecular, cellular, and functional genomics approaches are utilized.


Teaching responsibilities are in reproductive physiology at the undergraduate level and molecular endocrinology, transgenic animal and gene targeting technology, and extra cellular matrix biology at the graduate level.