Degree: Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1983; M.S., University of Vermont, 1980

Instructional Activities:

FSC 325 – Food Processing: Unit Operations
FSC 490 – Special Problems in Food Science
FSC 890 – Special Problems in Food Science
ANS 201 – Animal Products (dairy foods portion of team taught course)
ANS 201L - Animal Products Lab

Outreach Focus:

Educational programming for the Michigan dairy industry, consumer education, technology transfer, liaison between MSU research community and the dairy foods industry, and food safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programming.

Recent Publications:

Partridge, J.A. 2011. Raw Milk: A Risk Worth Taking? -- Update 2011. Michigan Dairy Review. 16 (2) 14.

Partridge, J.A. 2008. The Iberion Cheese Marathon. Michigan Dairy Review. 13 (1) 15.

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Partridge JA. "Raw Milk: Is “Fresh” Always Best?" Family and Consumer Sciences Quarterly Media Packet. April-June, 2005.

Partridge JA. "The Eyes Have It – Swiss Cheese." Michigan Dairy Review. 10(2):12, 2005.

Partridge JA. "I Said Grana Cheese, Not Granny’s Cheese." Michigan Dairy Review. 9(3): 13, 2004.

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