Mark Wilson PhD in Regional Science

Professor and Program Leader, Urban & Regional Planning

Mark Wilson
Telephone: (517) 353-9056


Human Ecology Building, Room 113

School of Planning, Design and Construction

Topic Areas:

Urban & Regional Planning 

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Wilson MSU Scholars Profile

Research Interests: Mega event planning, autonomous vehicles, cyber geography, information society, nonprofit organizations.

Affiliated Programs/Initiatives/Projects:

Mark Wilson, PhD, is a professor of Urban & Regional Planning in SPDC, with undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Melbourne (Australia), and an AM and PhD in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania. His research and teaching interests address urban planning, information technology, economic geography, public policy and nonprofit organizations. Specific research interests focus on three themes: 1) The planning, land use and economic issues associated with mega events, such as the Olympics and World’s Fairs; 2) The social, economic and political implications of technological change, including the Internet and autonomous vehicles, with emphasis on planning strategies and urban implications. This research interest is characterized by the recent publication of the book, Global Information Society (Rowman & Littlefield 2013), with Aharon Kellerman and Kenneth E Corey; and 3) The use of social media and big data as a research tool for understanding public attitudes towards cities, events and technological change.

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