Aakanksha Melkani

Aakanksha Melkani


Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

PhD Student

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Name : Aakanksha Melkani

PhD in Agriculture, Food and Resource economics, First year

Email ID: melkania@msu.edu


I am interested in studying about the impacts of agricultural policy, especially those related to input subsidies, on different agents such as farmers, consumers and retailers. I wish to explore the trade-off between the impact of these policies on agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. Policies relating to conflicts in naturals resources such as water bodies and common property resources such as forests are also of interest to me. I have also worked on rural-urban transitions in developing countries, especially in context of changing employment patterns from farm based to off-farm employment.


I have working knowledge of statistical software such as SPSS and STATA. I have experience in developing and pre-testing questionnaires and data collection from farms and households.

 For my first Master’s dissertation I developed a simple methodology to compute the carbon emission equivalents of Rice-Wheat cropping system in Punjab state of India. For my second Master’s dissertation, I analyzed a panel of households across six Indian villages to understand how gender roles and changing economic opportunities are determining division of labor between spouses.

Currently I am working with Dr. Nicole Mason to develop a questionnaire for testing impacts of bidirectional learning techniques in extension activities in Tanzania. 


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