Stephen Carney

Stephen Carney


Animal Science, Veterinary Medical School

Stephen Carney, a senior with a double major in animal science, genomics and molecular genetics always knew that animals fascinated him. He followed this passion when first arriving to Michigan State University. Before college, he shadowed a local veterinarian. This led him to pursue animal science and genetics, given opportunity to study animals and conduct research.

As part of the Little International group, Carney learned to give commands and understand the differences between behavioral cues of certain livestock species. During his freshman year at Michigan State, he was already shearing sheep and intrigued that subtle changes in posture were directly related to the expression of an animals emotion. That summer he began working at the MSU Student Organic Farm for the pasture pig project. During this time, Carney created an ethogram to survey the piglets' behavior and the transformations through maturity within a rotational grazing pasture. Stephen presented the results of his study at the CIC Conference at Ohio State University.

Carney is also an undergraduate research assistant at the Veterinary Medical Center's Comparative Epidemiology Department. Within his position he has learned how to write protocols, perform microbiological techniques, and basic procedures in the laboratory setting. The CVM NIH Grant Program provided funding for Carney to work with a graduate student on their own independent project. With personal motivation he continued the project, thus giving him third authorship on a research paper in the Journal of Toxicology.

Stephen describes his involvement with various clubs such as the Multicultural Scholars Program, studying for exams and conducting undergraduate research to be fulfilling. Carney has learned to prioritize his responsibilities while separating himself from the pressure at school, so that he can efficiently multitask towards his future and goals.

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