Yu-Chun Kao

Yu-Chun Kao


Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

USGS Great Lakes Science Center
Ann Arbor, MI

Research Description: The overarching goal of Yu-Chun's research is to provide natural resource managers information needed for sustainable inland fisheries management. To practically achieve this goal, it requires an understanding of aquatic ecosystems and a capacity to evaluate management strategies in a timely manner. Yu-Chun's research strives to use quantitative ecological models to (1) identify the causality between concurrent factors and observed ecosystem changes and (2) provide timely evaluations on current and potential management strategies.

Recent Publications:

Romulo CL, Basher Z, Lynch AJ, Kao Y-C, Taylor WW. Assessing fisheries impact on river fish biomass: A systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence (in review).

Lynch AJ, Cowx IG, Fluet-Chouinard E, Glaser SM, Phang SC, Beard Jr. TD, Bower SD, Brooks JL, Bunnell DB, Claussen JE, Cooke SJ, Kao Y-C, Lorenzen K, Myers BJE, Reid AJ, Taylor JJ, and Youn S. Inland fisheries—invisible but integral to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for ending poverty by 2030. Global Environmental Change (in review).

Kao Y-C, Rogers MW, Bunnell DB. Evaluating stocking efficacy in an ecosystem undergoing oligotrophication. Ecosystems. [Press release]

Collingsworth PD, Bunnell DB, Murray MW, Kao Y-C, Feiner ZS, Claramunt RM, Lofgren BM, Höök TO, Ludsin SA. 2017. Climate change as a long-term stressor for the fisheries of the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries: 363–391.

Lynch AJ, Cooke SJ, Beard Jr. TD, Kao Y-C, Lorenzen K, Song AM, Allen MS, Basher Z, Bunnell DB, Camp EV, Cowx IG, Freedman JA, Nguyen VM, Nohner JK, Rogers MW, Siders ZA, Taylor WW, Youn S. 2017. Grand challenges in the management and conservation of North American inland fish and fisheries. Fisheries: 115–124.

Woelmer WM, Kao Y-C, Bunnell DB, Deines AM, Bennion DH, Rogers MW, Brooks CN, Sayers MJ, Banach DM, Grimm AG, Shuchman RA. 2016. Assessing the influence of watershed characteristics on chlorophyll a in waterbodies at global and regional scales. Inland Waters 6: 379–392.

Kao Y-C, Adlerstein SA, Rutherford ES. 2016. Assessment of top-down and bottom-up controls on the collapse of alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus) in Lake Huron. Ecosystems 19: 803–831. [Press release]

Affiliated Page: Yu-Chun's Website

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