M-AAA Projects

2018 M-AAA funded projects

Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed.


  • Removal of the most highly infectious dairy cattle to control transmission of bovine leukemia virus in Michigan dairy herds - Paul Bartlett
  • Critical pathways limiting glycogen repletion and performance in the horse defined by proteomic and transcriptomic analyses - Stephanie Valberg
  • Should we feed supplemental fatty acids to early lactation dairy cows: Does the fatty acid profile of the supplement matter? - Adam Lock
  • Determining the potential for using supplemental palmitic acid and chromium for improving milk yield, body weight loss, energy balance, and insulin resistance in early postpartum dairy cows? - Adam Lock
  • Improving Fatty Acid Absorption of Lactating Dairy Cows to Maximize Feed Efficiency and Milk Production - Adam Lock
  • Silicon supplementation to improve bone, cartilage, and collagen health in horses and poultry - Brian Nielsen
  • New Tools to Reduce Health Disorders in Transition Cows - Lorraine Sordillo
  • Development of low cost biometrics of sow body composition and locomotion to improve individual sow health and welfare - Madonna Benjamin
  • Legume impact on animal and forage production, enteric methane and nitrous oxide emissions in Midwest grazing systems - Jason Rowntree
  • Enhancing calf health by boosting the omega-3 fatty acids in colostrum - Michael Vandehaar
  • Optimizing the nutritional management of sheep to improve reproductive outcomes in accelerated production systems - Richard Ehrhardt
  • Effect of feeding transition milk on growth and health of dairy calves - Miriam Weber Nielsen
  • Defining abnormal mucosal immune responses and the effect of routine immunizations in dairy cows infected with bovine leukemia virus - Paul Coussens
  • Effect of increased dose of cloprostenol sodium on luteolysis in lactating dairy cows - R. James Pursley


  • Comparing Digital and Traditional Marketing Techniques for Adult Extension Programs - Christine Skelly
  • Establishing a sustainable program for development of employees from Puerto Rico for Michigan dairy farms - Phil Durst
  • The Development and Delivery of the MSU IAT Farrier Science Program and Corresponding Extension Workshops - Karen Waite
  • Humane animal stunning and euthanasia training - Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Impact of various cooling systems on cow comfort and production efficiency on Michigan dairy farms - Marianne Buza
  • Workforce development training for the meat industry - Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Development of a web-based education center and multi-media educational materials for the MSU small ruminant extension program - Richard Ehrhardt


  • Adipose Tissue Metabolic Biomarkers as Predictors of Lactation Performance in Dairy Cows - Andres Contreras
  • Identification of loss-of-function mutations in sub-fertile dairy cattle using whole genome sequencing - Wen Huang
  • The effects of uncoupling the electron transport chain on propionate metabolism and energy charge in the liver of lactating dairy cows - Michael Allen
  • The role of oxidative stress in subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy cattle - Vengai Mavangira
  • Can supplemental oleic acid be used as a strategy for improving insulin sensitivity in early postpartum dairy cows? - Adam Lock
  • Analysis of turkey skeletal muscle for meat quality determinants by metabolomic analysis - Gale Strasburg
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