Michigan Sugarbeet Industry Research Priorities

Submitted by:
Sugarbeet Advancement Committee

Researching, understanding, and integrating all production aspects that will improve Sugar beet quality and profitability.

Disease and Pest Management

  1. Managing root diseases with special emphasis on Rhizoctonia crown rot and Aphanomycetes.
  2. Managing Cercospora leaf spot foliar disease.
  3. Understand and manipulate soil biology and food web structure to improve soil health and long term viability.
  4. Reduce impact and manage sugar beet cyst nematode to improve profitability of beet production.
  5. Reduce and manage tare soil to minimize field contamination of pest.

Soil Fertility Management

  1. Improve nitrogen management of sugarbeets for optimum yield, quality, and development of a reliable soil nitrogen prediction test.
  2. Research and understand utilization of manure and cover crops and their effects on root yield and quality.

Weed Management

  1. Agronomic practices associated with improving weed control.
  2. Weed management issues associated with Round-up Ready sugar beets.
  3. Glyphosate/fungicide/additive compatibility and interaction.
  4. Evaluation of new herbicides.


  1. Impact of scalping/topping on quality and storage of sugar beets.
  2. Impact of storage related to varieties respiration, disease, and nutrient uptake.


Last Updated: November 2012

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