A Field ID Guide to Invasive Plants

March 26, 2012

A Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan's Natural Communities is intended to help readers identify key invasive species early so that a rapid response can be initiated while successful treatment is still likely.

The invasion of non-native, invasive plants is one of the greatest current threats to Michigan’s native biodiversity and their impacts are wide-ranging. A small fraction of plants that have been brought to Michigan but evolved elsewhere become invasive. Once established, they are aggressive competitors that spread rapidly, often dominating an ecosystem and reducing native diversity dramatically. They hinder management goals in our native forests, grasslands, wetlands and dunes, by displacing native species and altering ecosystem processes – this, in turn threatens habitat for many wildlife species. Invasive species heed no jurisdictional boundaries and therefore are of concern to everyone. One of the most effective strategies to reduce their threat is to spot invasive species just as they are getting established at a new site, before they become widespread.

The field guide features 47 species, with beautiful photos, plant descriptions, habitat preferences, modes of reproduction, and guidance for monitoring and rapid response. The introductory section is a must read! It provides a concise overview of invasive plants including their threat, the importance of early detection, and the elements of a more comprehensive approach to addressing their impacts. The helpful tips, detailed glossary, and distribution maps based upon documented herbarium records make this field guide truly unique. This is a treasure you won’t want to leave in the office.

The field guide is available for download below and hard copies are available directly from MNFI for $10 plus tax and shipping ($14.00 total)

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