Michigan 4-H Entomology Project Snapshot (4H1631)

February 27, 2015

MI 4-H Entomology Project SnapshotThe 4-H Entomology Project allows you to study and learn about insects, the largest group of animals on earth. Discover more about science and nature through entomology, the study of insects. Explore the possibility of entomology as a future career.

  • Explore the biology of insects. 
  • Connect biodiversity, invasive species and integrated pest management (IPM) to your study of insects.
  • Explore forensic entomology by completing insect research and using the scientific method.

This 4-H snapshot sheet covers what 4-H’ers can learn from a 4-H entomology project, ways to get involved and resources for learning more. This is one in a series of Michigan 4-H snapshot sheets on a variety of topics. (2 pages, 2014)

Michigan 4-H Entomology Project Snapshot (4H1631)

Tags: 4-h entomology, environmental & outdoor education, lawn & garden

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