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CANR Site Owner Expression Engine Training Documents

Expression Engine Basics Training Document


MSUE Expression Engine Training Documents

On this page you will find written documents and videos to guide you in learning to use Expression Engine to enter and edit post for the MSUE web site.  

Expression Engine Web Editor Training Resource - in this document you will find information on how to use Expression Engine.  Contents include; How to Login, How to Navigate the EE Interface, How to Create/Edit a Post and more.

How-To: Update Your Expert Information


Find an Expert - Intro to Find an Expert

Video Length = 3 minutes 47 seconds

Find an Expert - Expert Profile Edit

Video Length = 5 minutes 31 seconds

Find an Expert - Expert Role Update

Video Length = 6 minutes 7 seconds

Using Expression Engine- How to Log In to Expression Engine

Video Length = 1 minute 42 seconds


Using Expression Engine - The Interface Explained  

Video Length = 5 minutes 15 seconds


Using Expression Engine - Create/Edit Entries Part 1  

Video Length = 8 minutes 16 seconds

Using Expression Engine - Create/Edit Entries Part 2  

Video Length = 5 minutes 53 seconds


Using Expression Engine - Add a Hyperlink  

Video Length = 3 minutes 14 seconds


Using Expression Engine - Categories - SEO- Previous Versions  

Video Length = 3 minutes 46 seconds



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