New Account Access

If you are a new employee to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources or MSU Extension, you will receive an ANR account for work-related business including email, calendar, and collaboration services.


Preparing for your ANR Account Access

  1. Verify you have received your NetID from MSU.
  2. For New CANR Employees, you will need to contact your direct supervisor to request your ANR account.
  3. For New MSUE Employees, your direct supervisor will need to completed and send a Computer Access Form to MSUE HR at (The form can be requested by emailing


Receiving your ANR Account Password

Once you have your MSU NetID and have been notified by the appropriate individual for your area, you will need to call the ANRTS Service Desk at (517) 355-3776 in order to receive the temporary password for your account. This generic, temporary password must be changed immediately.

You can reset your password by logging into your ANR account using OWA with your temporary password if you receive an ANR email. If you don't have an ANR email, a Service Desk Technician will need to assist you with changing your password.


Your MSU Account vs. Your ANR Account

As an MSU and CANR/MSUE employee, you will receive two different email accounts. MSU provides you with an account name called a NetID. This provides you with an email address of and allows you to access many MSU services including EBS, Google Drive, VPN, and more.

ANR uses this NetID to create an ANR account for you. This provides you with an email address of and allows you to access ANR services including:


Given that both MSU and ANR provide you with separate email accounts, it is highly recommended that you forward your MSU email to your ANR account. This will allow you to take advantage of the more robust ANR email and calendar services without having to check two different email accounts.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the ANR Service Desk at (517) 355-3776.