Outlook Web App (OWA)

OWA or Outlook Web App is a web based online version of Outlook on your computer. You can access your Outlook; mail, calendar, contacts and tasks, with OWA, anywhere you have access to the Internet. 

To begin using OWA, start with:  How to Log in to OWA.


OWA Instructional Documents

OWA Outlook Web App Basics  - Instructions for using OWA to access and manage your; mail, calendar, contacts and tasks.

How to Schedule Resources in OWA (Outlook Web Application) - Instructions for scheduling Resources (rooms, equipment) in OWA.

Using OWA to Share your Calendar - Instructions for sharing your calendar in OWA.

Using OWA to Manage Distribution Groups - Instructions for managing distribution groups (email lists of a group) using OWA.

Using OWA to Create an Email Delivery Report - Have you ever needed to find an email you sent to someone or find an email sent to you by someone else?  Now you can use OWA to create an Email Delivery Report that shows emails delivered by you or to you.

Online Archive - Guide to Creating Folders and Assigning Policies - Instructions for creating folders, moving messages/folders and assigning policies to your Online Archive in OWA.

Managing Resources with OWA/Outlook - Guide for people who are managers/delegates of resources (rooms and equipment).

Shared Mailboxes and OWA

Using OWA to Access Shared Mailboxes - Guide for MSUE county employees who need to access the county's shared mailbox using OWA.

Using OWA to Setup Auto Reply Message on a Shared Mailbox - Need to make an out of office auto reply message for a shared mailbox?  This document will guide you in using OWA to set an auto reply message on a shared mailbox.

Setup Auto Reply Message using OWA - Instructions for setting up an out of office (automatic reply) message in OWA.


Other OWA Documents

Resetting Your Password Using OWA - Instructions for resetting your ANR password using OWA.

Using Scheduling Assistant in OWA - Instructions for using the meeting Scheduling Assistant in OWA. 



Video: OWA (Outlook Web App) Online Archive Video Tutorial

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