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NOTE: If your purpose for using the MSU VPN service is to access ANR Network shared drives (files on the ANR S: Drive or your own personal U: Drive), you may first want to map the drives to your computer. 

For instructions on mapping shared drives and then accessing them, please see these documents:



When faculty, staff and graduate students are away from campus they often need to connect with servers back at MSU to do their work. When this work involves sensitive information, it is important that the Internet connection back to MSU be secure.

The MSU SSL VPN service provides MSU faculty, staff  and graduate students with a way to connect securely to the MSU campus network. This VPN connection works from any location, whether in East Lansing, or anywhere around the world.

When you need to connect your computer to MSU's network remotely, the MSU VPN service offers these advantages:

  • Your computer will be given a secure path onto the MSU campus network. If you handle sensitive data as part of your work or research, a secure connection is important.
  • Your computer will appear to have an IP address local to the MSU campus network. This allows you to connect to resources such as library databases that may require your computer to use an MSU campus address in order to gain access.
  • You can use services that may have been restricted at MSU's border. For instance, for security reasons, MSU currently blocks access to Microsoft services when computers connect to MSU from off-campus. Other on-campus services, including departmental ones, may restrict which "ports" or services function.  MSU's VPN may allow you to overcome such restrictions.

The service uses a product from Juniper Networks called Secure Access SSL VPN. This VPN service is available, without charge, to all regular faculty, staff, and graduate students at MSU.

The VPN service falls under the same restrictions as other systems that are on campus. All computers that connect to the VPN system are subject to the MSU Statement of Acceptable Use, as if that computer were located at MSU and physically plugged into the campus network.