Health Care & Emergencies

A Nurse’s Station is staffed from 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to 1 p.m. Friday of 4-H Exploration Days. The service is available to participants at no charge. Participants who become ill or injured should notify their county staff, then report to the event nurse. Participant medical treatment authorization forms are kept on file in the Nurse’s Station.

If further health care is needed, the nurse will refer the participant to a Lansing area medical facility. (The MSU Olin Health Center will be used during daytime hours for anyone age 14 and up; other further care will be off-campus.) If the need for medical care occurs, a parent or guardian will be contacted first if possible, by the child and the CCA or county staff person.
Transportation should be provided by an adult from the county of the participant needing transportation if at all possible. If the county cannot provide its own hospital transportation, the CCA or field staff should contact General Headquarters for 24 hour emergency transportation. An adult from the county of the participant needing hospital care should accompany the participant even if Headquarters provides the transportation. The cost of hospital treatment will be billed to the participant or parents/guardian of participant. Ambulance service is available but the cost will also be billed to the participant’s insurance or family.

The medical treatment authorization form must accompany any participant needing care from the hospital. The nurse will pull the participant’s health form from the file and give it to the adult accompanying the participant. This form needs to be returned to the nurse after the hospital visit. Counties may also wish to make copies of their delegation’s authorization forms and keep them in their County Identification Portfolio along with the Personal Data Sheets.

Anyone needing life or death ambulance transportation will be taken directly to Sparrow Hospital because it is closest to MSU. If the situation does not permit time to see the event nurse, phone 911 for an ambulance; then notify the county staff or CCA and General Headquarters at 517-353-2922. The health form must be pulled from the Nurse’s Station and taken to the hospital.

Insurance Protection - MSU does not carry special accident insurance for participants at 4-H Exploration Days. Counties are urged to provide special coverage for participants during the event. Counties should download and complete the Special Activities Insurance Coverage Form and submit it as a cover sheet to their delegation’s Medical Treatment Authorization forms they forward to the State 4-H


Medication needs during the conference

Program participants who need to take medication during the event are expected to discretely store and administer their own medication privately. Single serving over-the-counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol are available for sale in residence hall snack shops.

If a medicine requires refrigeration, this need should be brought to the attention of the 4-H Exploration Days coordinator ASAP after the county 4-H staff make individual room assignments. The county 4-H staff will need to provide the room number and name of the participant so arrangements can be made to place a dorm-sized refrigerator in the room.