Trash Can Garden Project

Our Trash Can Garden Project is to start plants, and even an entire garden, from plant scraps that we usually just throw away. 

We are offering two ways to do our Trash Can Garden Project:

  • Do the project completely on your own using the directions and information below.
  • Have educators from the 4-H Children's Garden introduce the Trash Can Garden Project to your students.  Click here to schedule a virtual meeting with us to introduce the project.

Here is what you are going to do for the Trash Can Garden Project:

  1. Learn about starting plants from scraps.
  2. Start your own plants from scraps.
  3. Take the Plant Scraps Knowledge Test and receive a "Plant Scraps Master" Certificate.
  4. Create and grow your own Trash Can Garden.
  5. Report on your Trash Can Garden.
  6. Have some fun!

Learn About Starting Plants from Scraps

Click on the video below:


Learn More about Starting Plants from Scraps

Why start plants from scraps? Click on the image below:

Poster of plants that you can start from scraps 

More on starting plants from scraps. Click on the image below:

Plants growing from scraps.


Start Your Own Plants from Scraps

Follow the instructions in the videos above to start your own plants from scraps.

Rooting Celery in a glassScallions rooting in a medicine bottle

Take the Plant Scraps Knowledge Test

Click here to take the Plants Scraps Knowledge Test

After taking the test, we will email you a "Plant Scraps Master" Certificate!

Plant Scraps Master Certificate

Start Your Own Trash Can Garden

Once your scraps have rooted, plant them into a trash can or a recycled container.

 Basil growing in reused plastic bottle.Potatoes growing in metal trash can.

Report on Your Trash Can Garden

Click here to report on your Trash Can Garden