Butterflies in the Garden

In-person Butterflies in the Garden - 2020 IS CANCELED!

Due to the coronavirus, restrictions on meetings at MSU and K-12 schools closing for the next three weeks, we have to cancel Butterflies in the Garden.  We are very sad about closing for 2020, but there is really no other option.  

Please be careful and stay healthy!

Butterflies in the Garden 2021 will be March 15 through April 30. 

Make your plans to visit!

For 2020 - Visit the 4-H Children's Gardens "Butterfly School".

It's not quite the same as a real visit, but for this year it is the best we can do.  Enjoy!

Become a 4-H Children's Gardens Butterfly Friend

Butterfly Friend Certificate

To become a Butterfly Friend you will need to learn about butterflies and have some fun.  When you have completed the Butterfly Friend Learning we will email you a Butterfly Friend Certificate.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Study about butterflies in the Butterfly Lab with Miss Jessica.
  2. Visit the Butterfly Flight house using the Virtual Tours.  Be sure to check out the special information that you can learn using our Smart Signs.
  3. Try our at least one Butterfly Craft.
  4. Pick your favorite Butterfly plant to plant at home.
  5. Take our Butterfly Friend Quiz (see below).

After we receive your Butterfly Quiz, we will send you a personalized Butterfly Friend Certificate.


So, let's get started "Butterfly School"

Visit the Butterfly Lab

Butterfly Lab


Visit the Butterfly Flight HouseIndoor 4-H Children's Garden






Try out some Butterfly Crafts

  • Miss Jessica has put together a bunch of great ideas for Butterfly Crafts.  You are sure to have some fun doing these crafts!
  • Click here to get to the crafts page.
  • Tell us what craft you tried in the Butterfly Knowledge Quiz below.

Butterfly Plants / Butterfly Garden

  • Look for these plants that you can add to your Butterfly Garden.

 Butterfly Plants poster

  • Make plans to plant your own Butterfly Plants or Butterfly Garden.
  • Tell us what plant(s) you would like to plant in the Butterfly Knowledge Quiz below.

Become a butterfly

  1. Download one (or more) of our butterfly outlines ADD EXAMPLE
  2. Make sure you have a photo of yourself.  If you don't, then take a minute to take one.
  3. Open your image in a photo editing program and delete the background or make it transparent. You will have to find instructions on how to do this online.
  4. Open the butterfly outline in the photo editing program
  5. Add (insert) your image on the butterfly outline image (You may have to resize and rotate your image so that it fits).
  6. Save your new butterfly image.
  7. Upload your butterfly image in the Butterfly Knowledge Quiz below and we will add it to our Butterfly Friends page.

Test your Butterfly Knowledge

Click here to take our Butterfly Friend Knowledge quiz.  We will look it over and when you have done well on the quiz, we will send you a Butterfly Friend Certificate.