Covid 19 - 2021

Covid 19 has changed almost everything we do and this includes what we normally do at the 4-H Children's Gardens. 

Some things have changed:

  • Butterflies in the Garden will be both in person and virtual in Spring 2022.

Some things are still the same:

  • The Outdoor 4-H Children's Garden is open to the public.  We ask that you please observe proper social distancing if you visit the garden.
  • We have pretty much put the garden "to bed" for the winter, but you are still welcome to visit!
  • The bathrooms are now closed for the winter.

Two New SPIN Club opportunities!

 Interested in Insects information flyerFlyer for Nature Therapy SPIN club.

Some things are new:

We have developed online versions of a number of our programs and activities.  They are not the same as the real face to face programs, but they are still fun and engaging.  We hope you will try out our new online versions!