Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows

The Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows offer tribute to their namesake by providing student leadership in the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), the first agriculture college in the United States which served as a model for the Morrill Act. This select group of undergraduate leaders have demonstrated significant achievement and participation in CANR.

The Morrill Fellows serve as a student voice when representing CANR. They participate in legislative visits, attend commodity and industry meetings, engage with alumni and donors and meet with prospective students. They also answer questions from policymakers, donors, stakeholders, and current and prospective students. Activities take place on campus, throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. Morrill Fellows receive a $750 scholarship each semester. 

Meet the Morrill Fellows

Learning and Leadership Objectives 

  • Learn the importance of relationships and partnerships for CANR and the agriculture and natural resources industries.
  • Practice and improve upon skills in strategic networking in large and small group settings.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken formats.
  • Receive peer feedback on activities, shared experiences and skills.
  • Develop sense of confidence and self-belief as a leader in the field of agriculture and natural resources.

Learn more about the process to apply for the Morrill Fellows program. For additional questions, contact the CANR Office of Government and Stakeholder Relations at 517-353-9464.

Support the Morrill Fellows

Give to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Morrill Fellows Fund to support student leadership experiences.

Not only are the Morrill Fellows the leaders of CANR student clubs and organizations, but they are building up to become leaders beyond their time in the program. As our advocates for the industry 40 years from now, the Morrill Fellows are the voices of the future.

Some examples of the impact you can make with your financial support are:

  • $2,500 could support a cohort’s experiential leadership and skill-building opportunities during an academic year.
  • $1,500 could support a student's scholarship for a full academic year.

These experiences help further develop students’ leadership and presentation skills while offering opportunities to network and shape their future careers. Morrill Fellows also share what it’s like to be a part of the CANR community that provides research, academics and outreach more broadly to Michigan and beyond.