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Connecting Farm to Fork

Links to new articles on farm animal initiative in several magazines/newspapers:

In the next 50 years we will have to feed 100% more people than we do today.  With only 1% more available land, the challenge seems paramount. We will have to rely on technology to contribute 70% of the added food. As our business climate continues to include opposition from various groups, it is even more important that we are all using the same playbook.  Jeff Simmons, Elanco Animal Health President, recently provided a great scouting report. Read details in the white paper and listen to our conversation with Jeff Simmons.

Farm Animal Research in Crisis

Farm Animal Research in Crisis - an interview with Jim Ireland on an argument that inadequate funding threatens agricultural and biomedical research with farm animals. Podcast  Webcast

Commentary on Domestic Animals in Agricultural and Biomedical Research:  An Endangered Enterprise

Danforth Lecture

Theriogenology:  An International Journal of Animal Reproduction

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Editorial:  "Brain drain" and loss of resources jeopardize the continued use of domestic animals for agricultural and biomedical research

A commentary on domestic animals as dual-purpose models that benefit agricultural and biomedical research.