An integrated assessment of the economic, environmental, and land use consequences of management intensive grazing (MIG) practice and the factors affecting its adoption

Principal Investigator


Hennessy has previously collaborated with Tong on applied econometrics projects, and with Feng on survey work and on policy assessment. He will assist Tong in developing methodologies and data analyses to evaluate the profit and environmental outcomes. Hennessy has extensive experience in the study of agricultural production economics and farm policy. He will assist Feng in devising questions and analyzing responses to surveys about decisions on MIG. Hennessy will lead the project team in achieving the objective of integrating the economic and environmental modeling of the project framework. He will assist in drawing inferences from data obtained, with particular emphasis on comprehensively assessing the social efficiency of MIG, evaluating the potential effectiveness of the current CRP-grassland initiative, estimating producers’ willing to accept (WTA) to adopt the MIG practice, and investigating how WTA changes when producer perceptions differ. Hennessy will play the leadership role in the integration of project components so as to understand the economic and environmental impacts of MIG, identify the factors affecting farmers’ adoption of MIG, and evaluate potential policy options.

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