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Farmworker Training

Developed in partnership with Michigan Food and Farming Systems and MIFFS Red de Productores Hispanos

This presentation discusses how farm managers and crew leaders can conduct successful produce safety training programs.

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Do your farm workers know who to report to if they're sick, or if the bathroom runs out of soap? Use this template to plan out who to contact if various food safety issues arise on the farm.

Farm Food Safety Contacts Template

This sticker can be used as a reminder for farm workers not to place buckets on the ground.

Sign of hand washing

Here, you can download 18 different food safety signs to hang up around your farm.

Basics of Worker Training

The FSMA Produce Safety Rule states that farm workers must be trained at least once annually. This video discusses what needs to be covered in a farm worker training.

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Blueberry-Specific Worker Training

This video builds on what you already know about worker health and hygiene and deals with matters that are specific to blueberries.


Writing a Handwashing SOP

When it comes to food safety, the importance of handwashing cannot be overstated. This video walks you through the basics of proper handwashing, and writing a handwashing standard operating procedure (SOP).

Handwashing Stations

The FSMA Produce Safety Rule requires you to provide adequate, readily accessible handwashing stations for workers and visitors. Watch the video above to learn more.


Blood and Bodily Fluids Policy

This video and corresponding fact sheet offers a blood and bodily fluids policy boilerplate that can be adapted to your farm.

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