Intro to Produce Safety


Michigan Farm Produce Safety Roadmap

This roadmap is designed to help farms navigate the different produce safety programs and services available in Michigan.


Are You Covered Under FSMA?

Figuring out how the FSMA Produce Safety Rule applies to your farm can be confusing. This interactive video will ask you a series of questions, with explanations for each, to determine if your farm is covered under the rule, excluded from the rule, or eligible for an exemption.

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Owners

This video discusses what farm owners should expect during a produce safety inspection

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Workers

This video is intended to help you learn more about what farm workers should expect during a produce safety inspection.

Produce Safety Technical Assistance

Here, you'll learn more about the resources and technical assistance available to you.

Portable Toilet Facility Law

This video talks about how to safely and legally move portable toilet facilities.

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Bacterial Growth Animation

This animation illustrates just how quickly bacteria can grow in the right conditions. Cleaning and sanitizing regularly is important in order to reduce bacterial growth and minimize the chances of contamination.