Intro to Produce Safety

Is my farm covered?

To see if you are covered by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule, take a look at the FDA's
Coverage and Exemptions/Exclusions Flowchart

Unsure if a particular produce commodity is covered?
Full list of covered produce

Bacterial Growth Animation

This animation illustrates just how quickly bacteria can grow in the right conditions. Cleaning and sanitizing regularly is important in order to reduce bacterial growth and minimize the chances of contamination.

Petri Dishes


This infographic goes over the three types of microorganisms that can contaminate fresh produce: bacteria, parasites, and viruses.


More on Bacteria

Between 1996 and 2014, 85.55% of produce-related reported outbreaks were linked to bacterial pathogens. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about bacteria.

Image of a mouse

Contamination Sources

Pathogens can come from many different places. This infographic covers the different sources of contamination and how it can be spread on the farm.

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