Soil Amendments

Compost Pile

Food Safe Compost Use

This fact sheet walks you through the recommended steps for effective compost use while ensuring GAP and FSMA compliance.

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Manure Use

This fact sheet leads you through the recommended use and storage of raw manure to ensure GAP and FSMA PSR compliance.


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Green Line

Risk Management for BSAAO

This video discusses some risks associated with soil amendments, specifically the group of soil amendments that the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, calls “biological soil amendments of animal origin.” What can you do to reduce risks to the safety of your produce?

FSMA Recordkeeping Requirements for BSAAO

This video talks about the FSMA recordkeeping requirements for applying biological soil amendments of animal origin on your farm. It covers which records you need to have on file in order be in compliance with the rule, tips on how to take records, and finally, record storage requirements under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.

Safe and Successful Composting Under FSMA

This video covers scientifically valid and controlled composting methods that are allowable under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. The goal of this video is to demonstrate how to safely compost and how to avoid cross-contamination when handling and storing biological soil amendments of animal origin.

Fully Cooked Compost: How FSMA Defines Treated vs. Untreated BSAAO

This video discusses how the FSMA Produce Safety Rule approaches and regulates treated versus untreated biological soil amendments of animal origin.

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