The ultimate goal of our extension program is to provide current, unbiased, and scientifically sound agronomic management information to clientele in Michigan and elsewhere. Our program focuses on current and emerging issues faced by farmers with an overall goal to help farmers increase their profit within the constraints of available resources while minimizing potential adverse environmental consequences. We also focus on factors that could limit the quality of the crop in addition to yield to maximize farmer profit in the current and future marketplace.

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The North Central Soybean Research Program is requesting your help by completing their brief online survey. The goal of this survey is to compare yield data to farm practices, and ultimately create a tool that will help you make decisions on your farm. Through this survey, data from growers across various states are being collected to develop a new online cropping system optimization decision tool that combines the factors of soil, seed, weather, planting date, seeding rate, chemical inputs, and soybean prices that will help  make decisions to make  more profit. Want to know more about the utility and data protection under this project, Click here!!