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Biosecurity Guides for Livestock

Helpful guidelines have been developed for helping to ensure biosecurity on farm as well as at fairs and exhibitions. Each of these documents may be viewed and printed in the attached pdf documents. Biosecurity for Livestock Exhibitors E2841.pdf Biosecurity Guide for Farm Visits E-2842.pdf
Biosecurity for Livestock Poultry Exhibitions.pdf

MI Department of Agriculture

Biosecurity concerns at the fair. A few ideas to help prevent the spread of disease.

Issues at Fairs 2012.pdf

Michigan RFID

Starting March 1, 2007, Michigan will require that all cattle be identified with radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags prior to movement from Michigan premises. Visit the State of Michigan website for details.

Resource Material for Animal Science Projects

Here are some tips to minimize stress on animals and exhibitors when transporting livestock to the fair.
Good Management Practices for Transporting Livestock to the Fair.pdf

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