Endowments to the Department provide perpetual funds for student scholarships, graduate fellowships, and programs. By establishing an endowed fund, you can make an impact that can last for generations.

By virtue of being endowed, these funds provide a consistent level of support, in inflation-adjusted dollars, in perpetuity. The University invests the principal of the endowed funds and uses only the investment income for your specified purposes.

NOTE: Selecting a link to an endowment opens a window allowing you to donate directly to that endowment online. If a link is not shown, please visit the Online Giving page and enter the Gift Code for the specific endowment into the 'search for funds' area or search by fund name.

Donate to an Existing Animal Science Endowment:

Animal Behavior & Welfare Group

Gift code: A10551

Support the ABWG's mission to improve the behavior and welfare of livestock, poultry, and companion animals through scientific study, learning experiences, and outreach.

Archie Studer Dairy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gift code: A10925

Established by the Studer family in recognition of Archie Studer, who owned and operated Kenowa Acres Dairy Farm, the scholarship supports students interested in a career in dairy breeding.

Beef Cattle Education

Gift code: A105506

To support beef teaching program and facilities (beef cattle, embryos and semen).

Charles E. Wilson Memorial

Gift code: A10513

Scholarship or post-graduate work in studies of animal breeding, especially hybrid crosses, and animal diseases, particularly those that are hereditary.

Clinton E. Meadows Endowed Chair

Gift code: A10914

In support of the Endowed Chair in Dairy Management.

David R. and Kathleen J. Hawkins Livestock and Meat Judging Team Endowment

Gift code:  A1050101

To support MSU’s livestock and meat judging teams so that students continue to have this important educational experience.

Dr. Duane E. Ullrey for Further Education for Graduate Students in Animal Science

Gift code: A1056


Draft Horse Endowment Fund

Gift code: A10536 

The Draft Horse Endowment Fund was established by Dr. Russ Erickson in 2000 to preserve the future of the program. The interest generated by the endowment provides 95% of the funding for the class and equipment. This money is used to repair harness parts, purchase new harness and general supplies, and repair vehicles. The endowment ensures the longevity of the program and increases the quality of the students' experience in the class. Your gift to the MSU Draft Horse Endowment Fund will help ensure the continuity and growth of the draft horse program at MSU. Your investment in these gentle giants will help maintain a link to our agricultural heritage as we educate the next generation of industry leaders.

Elwood Kirkpatrick Dairy Science

Gift code: A105582

To fund research and educational programs that lead to scientific advancement in the dairy industry. To carry out the mission of the AAI.

Equestrian Team Endowed Fund

Gift code: A1053

General support for the MSU Equestrian Team.

G.R. Hartsough Endowed Scholarship in Fur Animal Studies

Gift code: A10515

Scholarship to honor and encourage MSU students with declared majors which can be linked to the Fur Animal Industry. Students involved in the following colleges are eligible for this award: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Natural Resources.

G. C. and Gwendolyn Graf Memorial Student Enhancement

Gift code: A10527

Endowed by Dr. G.C. Graf, who grew up on a dairy farm in Stockbridge and graduated from MSU in 1934 and later became a professor of dairy science at Virginia Tech, the fund initiated the Dairy Associates Program and supports undergraduate research in laboratory, dairy farm and agribusiness settings.

G. C. Graf Lactation Physiology Program Enhancement Fund

Gift code: A10543

Endowed by Dr. G.C. Graf, who grew up on a dairy farm in Stockbridge and graduated from MSU in 1934 and later became a professor of dairy science at Virginia Tech, the fund supports undergraduate and/or graduate student research in lactation physiology. 

Harold A. Henneman Sheep Research Endowment Fund

Gift code: A10524

Fund sheep research projects in the Department of Animal Science.

Harold and Carol Hafs Graduate Enrichment

Gift code: A1055

To Encourage academic excellence by giving graduate students in the Department of Animal Science unique educational opportunities. Funds can be used for assistantships, enrichment, and intensification of training and special meetings and workshops.

Harold and Lillian Gremel Dairy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gift code:  A10922

Established by the Gremel family, the endowment recognizes the contributions of Harold and Lillian Gremel during their years as dairy farmers in Huron County and their lifetimes of supporting the dairy industry. The scholarship supports students in veterinary medicine who plan to work in the dairy industry.

J.W. Thomas Enrichment Fellowship Fund

Gift code: A10505

To provide support to Dairy Nutrition graduate students attendance at conferences or meetings (not ADSA or ASAS meetings), visits/interactions with off-campus scientists.

Jacob (Jake) A. Hoefer Endowed Fellowship

Gift code: A10528

Fellowship for Ph.D. candidates in Animal Science.

John and Barbara Dilland Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarship in Agribusiness Management

Gift code: A10924

Endowment created to recognize John Dilland’s 35 years of service to Michigan Milk Producers Association and his strong business management background. The fund creates scholarships for students majoring in Agribusiness Management who are interested in careers in the dairy industry

Melvin and Anna Yokoyama Endowment for Study Abroad by Undergraduate Animal Science Majors

Gift code:  A1050102

Scholarships awarded to undergraduate students majoring in Animal Science seeking a study abroad experience.

Merillat Equine Science and Education Endowment

Gift code:  A105583

To provide support of equine science, management and education activities associated with MSU faculty and students participating in equine science and management. Supports equine research, projects, courses or other educational and outreach, or scientific activity conducted at or in association with the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center.

MI Horse Council

Gift code: A105092

To support scholarships related to equine industry first, other expenditures.

Michigan Dairy Memorial and Scholarship Foundation (MDMSF)

Gift code: A10901

established in 1957, the Foundation and its endowments were created to honor individuals who have served the Michigan dairy industry while providing for scholarships to support students interested in careers in the dairy industry. Provides scholarships and specific financial aid to students in the fields of dairy husbandry, and/or processing or manufacturing of dairy products.

Michigan Livestock Industry Scholarship

Gift code: A10501

Used to assist worthy students at Michigan State University who plan careers in the livestock industry. The fund also provides means of honoring outstanding individuals, living or deceased, who have performed distinguished services for the livestock industry of Michigan.

Nick Bellows United Dairy Industry of Michigan Scholarship for Dairy Promotion (MDMSF)

Gift code: A10926

Created by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan in recognition of Nick Bellows’ commitment and dedication over 25 years as CEO, the endowment creates a scholarship for students with a career interest in dairy promotions.

Pierce Halbert Memorial Scholarship

Gift code: A10531

Established by the Halbert Family, the endowment recognizes the contributions of Frederick Pierce Halbert (MSU, ’43) to the dairy industry. The endowment funds activities of students in the Dairy Associates Program with emphasis on farm tours and on-farm research projects.

Poultry Enrichment and Schaible Memorial

Gift code: A10500

Awarded to graduate students who are specializing in poultry/fur bearing animals. Exhibited outstanding leadership ability and maintain an acceptable grade point average.

Preservation of Arabian Horses Endowed Fund

Gift code:  A105504

To provide continued support for the Arabian breeding program at MSU. It is the third longest continuous Arabian Breeding program in the US.

Reginald A. Emmert Scholarship

Gift code: A10031

To honor and encourage full-time, undergraduate students majoring in livestock production or plantation forestry.

Richard and Dana Balander Endowed Fund in Avian Species

Gift code: A1050

Scholarship to be given to honor and encourage students to pursue a career in Avian Species. To support specific research project(s) in the Avian Species studies.

Rodeo Club Scholarship

Gift code: A10542

Rodeo Club Member.

Roger and Marjorie Mellenberger Dairy Associates Program Enhancement

Gift code: A10529

Created by Dr. Roger Mellenberger, professor emeritus in Animal Science, in memory of his wife Marge, this fund provides funding for students in the Dairy Associates Program to participate in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge.

Ron Nelson Judging Team Fund

Gift code: A10512

To provide support and supplement Department funds for activities of the Intercollegiate Judging Teams within the Department of Animal Science. Intended to support fall semester competition of livestock, meat, dairy, and horse activities, and animal welfare judging. Also support for Academic Quadrathalon Teams.

Tucker Lectureship

Gift code: A10558

To support Lecture Series, travel, honorarium, printing of brochures.

Velmar Green Michigan Dairy Memorial Scholarship in Agricultural Technology

Gift code:  A10927

Endowment created by the Michigan Milk Producers Association to recognize Velmar Green’s service to the dairy industry as a member of the Board of Directors for 40 years, the scholarship supports students in the second year of the Ag Tech Dairy Management Program who plan to work on a dairy farm after graduation.