Use of Animals in Teaching

If your course involves direct contact with live vertebrate animals for the purpose of demonstration or hands on student participation you need to complete an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Protocol (formerly known as an Animal Use Form (AUF)) for your course. If the animals are from a Department of Animal Science (ANS) farm, an Animal Science Department Animal Use Form is also required.

When the teaching activity involves using animals (not just observing animals on the farm) as a part of the course whether the activity takes place at MSU or at a private farm/facility, a Protocol/AUF is required for the course. If there are procedures performed on an animal and the procedures are covered in an IACUC approved farm Description and Operating Guidelines (DOG) or in the MSU farm’s Veterinary Medical Guidelines you can list the procedure in the Protocol/AUF and reference the appropriate document. Make sure you are listing what is actually described in the document. Do not assume that it is in the document. If the procedure being performed on an animal is not covered in these documents then you must describe the procedure in your Protocol/AUF with enough detail that an outside reviewer (possibly with a different species background) can understand what is being done to the animal. Effective May 2018 visit the Click™ website to complete an animal use Protocol. Prior to May 2018, the forms will remain the AUF paper format. The ANS department form can be found at, select Department of Animal Science (ANS) Animal Use Form.

It should be understood that the farm DOGs and Veterinary Guidelines are in place to document how that individual farm is operated and how animals are cared for at that farm. These documents are not intended to cover all teaching, research, outreach, and testing activities that might take place at the farm. The documents describe the standard or routine procedures that are performed on the farm as an aid and reference for those who would like to use the farm. All research, teaching, and extension/outreach activities using animals must have an approved form from the IACUC. For animals used at ANS farms an Animal Science Department form is also required. These documents should be on file with the ANS farm manager before initiation of the project or use of the animals for research, teaching, or outreach purposes. Farm Managers have the authority to delay activities unless appropriate documentation is completed and approved.

If you need to change your Protocol/AUF after it has been approved, you can amend your protocol by going to the Amendment section in your Protocol on Click or by submitting an IACUC Amendment Form for AUFs found on the IACUC website. This form is used for a Change in personnel, Change/addition in currently approved procedure/manipulations; Change/addition in drugs/compounds administered; Change in duration, frequency, or number of procedures performed on an animal; Increase in number of animals; Change in species; Change in method of euthanasia; or Other; As well as additional items not listed here. Approval is required before using the animals for the amended purpose.

If you don’t believe you need an AUF or if your class is strictly observation, check to see if your class meets the criteria on the IACUC Exemption Form. The current form can be found at: and select Exemption Form.

If your activity is an outreach or exhibition activity then complete and submit a NOTIFICATION OF ANIMAL ACTIVITY FOR OUTREACH/EXHIBITION form. Current form can be found at: and select Outreach Form.

If you are still unsure about how to proceed then contact a member of the IACUC committee in the department or contact the IACUC office at (517) 432-8103 or for assistance. More detailed information can be found in the ANS Faculty Handbook in the document USING ANIMALS IN RESEARCH / TEACHING / EXTENSION / OUTREACH. 

Drafted by: Jolene Roth, Animal Science – Revised Aug 2018