Functional Genomics & Bioinformatics

Faculty Members

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Research Areas

  • Molecular events that lead to the transformation of a somatic nucleus into an embryonic-pluripotent one.
  • Learning how to produce embryonic stem cells without having to rely on eggs.
  • Nature, cause, and host response to infectious diseases in livestock species. Work often has biomedical implications, as well as relevance to animal health.
  • Identify and evaluate molecular markers and genes for the genetic improvement of pigs and beef cattle with emphasis on performance traits, carcass composition and meat quality.
  • Fundamental mechanisms that regulate ovarian function in farm animals and the physiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms involved in regulation of the stress response.
  • Development and application of hierarchical statistical models to inferential problems in animal breeding and genetics.
  • Hormonal and nutritional factors that regulate growth and development of the bovine mammary gland.
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