Reproductive & Developmental Sciences

at Michigan State University

Faculty Members

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Programs and Related Sites

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program (RDSP)

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Training Program (RDSTP)

Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle

Research Areas

  • Fundamental mechanisms regulating male and female fertility and early mammalian embryogenesis
  • Fundamental mechanisms regulating ovarian function and the selection, growth, and function of dominant follicles in cattle
  • Effects of environmental chemicals, maternal nutrition, stress, and other factors, on mammalian reproduction and progeny health
  • Epigenetics, nuclear reprogramming, establishment of pluripotent and embryonic stem cells
  • Use of molecular technology (DNA array, qRT-PCR, real-time PCR) to identify new genes controlling reproduction
  • Use of new genome editing technologies to develop novel farm animal research models

mouse ovulated oocyte showing detection of spindle proteins

Figure: mouse ovulated oocyte showing detection of spindle proteins.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Keith Latham.

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