Bean Germplasm Releases

The MSU bean breeding and genetics program participated with colleagues in USDA-ARS to develop and release of 85 improved bean germplasm lines in nine commercial classes.

Seed ClassesGermplasm LinesDisease ResistanceCooperatorsLines
Navy BelMiDak RR 1-12 Rust, Mosaic Virus Stavely 12
Navy L226, L227 Rust Freytag 2
Pinto BelDakMi RMR 1-23 Rust, Mosaic Virus Stavely, Pastor-Corrales 23
Great Northern BelMiNeb RMR 1-13 Rust, Mosaic Virus Stavely, Pastor-Corrales 13
Small Red ARS-R93001-R93008 Architecture, Canning quality Hosfield 8
Small Red ARS-R93344, R93346 R93349 Rust, Mosaic Virus, Canning quality Hosfield 3
Honduran Small Red PR9357-107 Mosaic Virus Beaver 1
Black, Pink I93653-3,-5,-31 92BG-7 White mold Miklas 4
Navy, Black USNA-CBB 1-5 Blight Miklas 5
Kidney USLK-CBB 9-13 Blight Miklas 5
Cranberry USCR-7, USCR-9 Mosaic Virus Miklas 2
Kidney USLK-2, USDA-4, USWK-6 Mosaic Virus Miklas 3
Pinto USPT-ANT-1 Anthracnose Miklas 1
Pinto USPT-WM-1, -2 White Mold Miklas 2


USDA-ARS Germplasm Releases 1995-2007 (Stavely et al., 1994-1999; Pastor-Corrales et al, 2001, 2003, 2007, Miklas et al. 1998-2011; Hosfield et al., 1995-2001).

Rust resistant bean germplasm releases 1995-98 by USDA-ARS, Beltsville, Dr. J.R. Stavely (prior to 1999), and Dr. M.A. Pastor-Corrales (post 1999); Disease Resistant Germplasm releases by USDA-ARS, Prosser WA, Dr. P.N. Miklas; Red-seeded germplasm, USDA-ARS, East Lansing MI, Dr. G. L. Hosfield and State Agricultural Experiment Stations listed below.

    Resistance Genes  
Class, Type, DesignationYearRustMosaicStates *
Navy, Type II
BelMiDak-RMR-12 1995 Ur-4,-11 bc-3, I MI, ND
Pinto, Type II
BelDakMi-RMR-10 1995 Ur-6,-11 bc-22, I ND, MI
BelDakMi-RMR-11,-12,-13 1997 Ur-6,-11 bc-3 ND, MI
BelDakMi-RMR-14 1998 Ur-3,-6,-11 bc-3, I ND, MI
BelDakMi-RMR-15,-16,-17 1999 Ur-3,-6,-11 bc-3, I ND, MI
BelDakMi-RMR-18 1999 Ur-3,-4,-6,-11 bc-3, I ND, MI
Great Northern, Type II
BelMiNeb-RMR-3 1996 Ur-4, -11 bc-3, I MI, NE
BelMiNeb-RMR-4, -5 1998 Ur-4, -6, -11 bc-12, I MI, NE
BelMiNeb-RMR-6 1999 Ur-4, -11 bc-12, I MI, NE
BelMiNeb-RMR-7 1999 Ur-3, -4, -11 bc-3, I MI, NE
BelMiNeb-RMR -8, -9, -10, BelMiNeb-RMR-11, -12, 13 2003 Ur-3, -4, -6, -11 bc-3, I MI, NE
Small Red, Type II
ARS-R93344, ARS-R93346, ARS-R93349 2001 Ur-3 bc-12, I MI
Cranberry, Type I
  bc-3 WA
Kidney, Type I
USLK-2, USDA-4, USWK-6 2002   bc-3 WA
Pinto, Type III
USPT-1 2006 Co-42 **   WA

* States, Places, and Cooperators are: MI - J.D. Kelly; ND - K.F. Grafton; NE - J.R. Steadman; D.P. Coyne, and Dale Lindgren; WA - P.N. Miklas

** Anthracnose