National Farm Safety and Health Week 2020


National Farm Safety and Health Week 2020 kicks off on September 21st and continues through September 25th. We were saddened to cancel Farm Safety Camp this year but we are elated to still feature such an important topic to help educate the youth in Cass County. For more information on National Farm Safety and Health Week 2020 visit their main website.


I have put together daily activities following the NECAS's schedule for our 4-H youth to utilize and expand their knowledge about farm safety!



 Don't forget! We will (hopefully) be offering Tractor Operator next year. This program is to teach youth how to safely operate tractors and other machinery on a farm. Youth 13-19 years old will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program, and 14-15-year-old youth may be eligible to receive an official certificate of training from the U.S. Department of Labor (required for operations of a 20 HP or greater, garden or agricultural tractor, by 14 and 15-year-old youth employed on property not owned, leased or operated by a parent or legal guardian). In addition, WE WILL BE USING A NEW, EXCITING CURRICULUM THIS YEAR! Keep your eye out for more information in the future!