Academy for Global Engagement

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With MSU placing an increased emphasis on its global footprint, we understand that we must continuously reinvent, reinvigorate, and update in ways that anticipate the needs of the global world and seriously engage a modern 21st century land grant university. Too small a percentage of faculties in both colleges are globally engaged in a serious way with respect to their profession and their institution. Others participate occasionally in international activities, but many of our faculties are simply disengaged from such opportunities – and indeed, the pressing need to view their scholarship and the stakeholders that they serve through the lens of a globalizing world. 

The purpose of the Academy is to:

  • Build a growing cohort of faculty who both regularly participate in global activities and view their scholarship through a global lens
  • Heighten global awareness and discourse
  • Elevate the status of MSU’s global mission
  • Take advantage of campus resources in international programming
  • Capitalize on opportunities to leverage external resources and partnerships
  • Overtime, to impact development of global priorities and influence high level strategies to address them

2016 Fellows

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2014 Fellows

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