MSU CVM's Tri-Lateral Approach: MSU-TANUVAS-Makerere University

MSU CVM’s tri-lateral approach: MSU-TANUVAS-Makerere University: MSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has a long-standing record of capacity building with partners such as TANUVAS in India and Makerere University, Uganda in the areas of companion and production animal medicine. MSU collaborated with TANUVAS to conduct an international conference at TANUVAS in 2006. Similarly, MSU led a tri-lateral conference on “Zoonotic Diseases and Public Health” in Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda in 2009 and brought scientists from TANUVAS, MSU and Makarere University to work together on various areas related to agricultural development related to livestock production.

MSU CVM has trained scores of students and faculty members from TANUVAS and Makerere University in various areas. MSU CVM in collaboration with TANUVAS and Makerere University has assisted in addressing the e-learning needs of India and Uganda in the area of veterinary medicine. This focused effort helped TANUVAS fulfill its promise of putting their entire veterinary and animal science curriculum online. The strategies used to achieve this success will be applied in the efforts of the current proposal.

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