Cost of Production

Commercial Chestnut Cost of Production and Comparative Analysis with Tart Cherry Production

The estimated cost of producing grafted, French-style (European/Japanese parentage) chestnuts at a commercial scale (>10 acres) is $0.81/lbs based on a full production yield of 3,500 lbs/acre and a minimum planting size of 10 acres. The cost of production calculation is based on estimates of operating costs, harvest costs, management, interest and tax costs. It also includes an amortized cost of establishing an orchard and employing the land in production.  The tool also compares the cost of production to a defender crop (tart cherry) and can be modified to represent a number of alternative production systems including seedling chestnut orchards or high density apples.   

Download the cost of production and comparative analysis tool as well as the directions and description of the tool by clicking on the file names.


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