Mobile Boat Wash

The 2020 Mobile Boat Wash season has been cancelled in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, Michigan State University Extension and our partners encourage you to follow the Clean, Drain, and Dry steps described below to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. 


Local organizations can increase awareness of aquatic invasive species and clean boating practices to prevent their spread by hosting a free Mobile Boat Wash event in their community. Trailer-mounted units use heated high-pressure water that is effective in cleaning most invasive species from boats and trailers. A containment mat prevents runoff back into lakes and rivers.

The Mobile Boat Wash program provides a trailer-mounted washing unit, two staff who operate the unit and talk with boaters and educational materials on aquatic invasive species prevention. Local volunteers assist by coordinating local logistics, promotion and speaking with boaters during the event. The presence of the Mobile Boat Wash provides an opportunity to teach boaters the importance of “Clean, Drain, and Dry” to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Preventing invasive species on watercraft is easy:

  • CLEAN off aquatic plants, animals and mud from all equipment before leaving the launch site.
  • DRAIN water from all equipment and leave drain plugs out during transport.
  • DRY all equipment for five days or wipe dry with a towel before using in a new location.

Mobile Boat Wash Program flyer