CMERC Gate.jpgCorey Marsh Ecological Research Center is open to the public. Visitors are welcome to walk the trails at Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center, which offer opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and cross-country skiing. 

We are located at 9422 E. Herbison Road in Laingsburg, Michigan. Please note that it is easiest to find us by navigating via GPS to Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center. 

Directions from I-69 E/Flint

Take exit 92 for Webster Rd toward Bath, turn right on Webster Rd, go to 4-way intersection and turn right on Clark Road. Drive ~3.5 miles and turn left onto Peacock Road (dirt road), drive 1.0 miles and turn left onto Herbison Road. Continue down Herbison Road and pull into the designated parking areas on the left. 


Trail Maps