The mission of the Conservation Stewards Program is to deliver high quality, locally-based training opportunities to develop informed Michigan residents who will practice community-based volunteer conservation management activities.


The Conservation Stewards Program is a collaborative effort among community-based volunteers and partners, leading conservation organizations and agencies, and educational institutions throughout Michigan. This collaboration results in a statewide network of dedicated, well-prepared and well-organized volunteer Conservation Stewards who understand, promote, support, actively contribute to or lead significant conservation management activities on public and private lands. Conservation Stewards provide a strong, informed constituency for the state’s natural resources and biodiversity. These volunteers engage in scientifically-based conservation stewardship activities to enhance resource management and sustain healthy ecosystems across Michigan, including land and water management, ecological monitoring, restoration, and public education. The Stewards are supported by statewide and local learning communities with colleagues from across Michigan who have expertise in the science of conservation stewardship.