Message from the CANR Dean: March 14

From: Ron Hendrick, Professor and Dean, CANR
March 14, 2020
Message from the Dean's Office

Dear CANR community, including our MSU Extension colleagues,

President Stanley’s most recent message includes changes to many Michigan State University functions. We understand this is likely to cause further concern for our community.

College leadership has been in touch with MSU leadership. We are monitoring these changes and evaluating the impacts to our teaching, research and Extension activities.

We understand that in some instances, this will further complicate how we accomplish our teaching, research and Extension work. In others, it will mean being increasingly diligent in implementing changes we have already made.

We will communicate additional information and provide guidance on some of the ways this will impact the specifics of our work late tomorrow.

Ron Hendrick, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean

Doug Buhler, Ph.D.
Director of MSU AgBioResearch; Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation

Jeff Dwyer, Ph.D.
Director of MSU Extension; Senior Associate Dean of Outreach and Engagement

Suzanne Lang, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Faculty and Administrative Affairs and Director Faculty Development

Kelly Millenbah, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean and Director of Academic and Student Affairs

George Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Director, MSU AgBioResearch; Associate Dean for Research

Quentin Tyler, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion