Commercial Floriculture Growers: College of Knowledge

MSU Extension offers the noncredit pre-recorded online courses in the College of Knowledge Series twice yearly (summer and winter). The online courses provide basic training to the commercial floriculture growers in Michigan and beyond in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Currently, four English courses and three Spanish courses are available in the series.

Courses in this program include:

  • Abiotic Disorders of Greenhouse Crops (On-demand | $129)
  • Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers (On-demand | $129)
  • Control Biológico para Cultivadores en Invernaderos (On-demand | $129)
  • Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting (On-demand | $129)
  • Iluminación para Horticultura e Invernaderos (On-demand | $129)
  • Root Zone Management (On-demand | $129)
  • Manejo de la Zona Radicular (On-demand | $129)

Additional details: