Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going: A Guide to Money Management is a financial literacy education program consisting of 12 lessons and an accompanying facilitator guide. It provides action-oriented strategies and tools to support adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It is intended for staff and volunteers of community service organizations who work with this audience.

Facilitator's Guide

The guide provides an explanation of the social cognitive theory of Albert Bandura as well as James Prochaska’s stages of change model upon which the curriculum is based. It also gives a clear explanation of the lesson format, a list of additional materials to prepare, and general instructions to present the curriculum.

The lessons are arranged into individual sections available to download. Numerous participant handouts and facilitator informational appendixes are also included. Additionally, click here to download a flyer template. The sections include:

Money Decisions

Lesson 1: What's My Future?

Lesson 2: Making Good Money Decisions


Lesson 3: Organizing and Keeping Records


Lesson 4: Planning to Save

Lesson 5: Saving for My Future

Spending Plan

Lesson 6: Making a Spending Plan

Lesson 7: Managing a Spending Plan

Protecting My Money

Lesson 8: Protecting My Money

Paying My Bills

Lesson 9: Income and Taxes

Lesson 10: Paying Bills

Lesson 11: Understanding Credit

Lesson 12: Controlling Debt