Master Composter Certification

Course Overview

If you have successfully completed the free Michigan Composter online course, you can become registered as a Certified Master Composter, for a fee of $50.

In the certification course, participants can access all of the materials needed to teach others about composting. The course includes a "Certification Exam" where you will test your knowledge on composting through taking a quiz. You have to reach at least 75% to pass and have 5 attempts available to you to help you reach that goal.

Upon completion of the quiz with the required score, participants will gain access to:

  • a printable certificate.
  • a PowerPoint presentation to teach others.
  • handouts for people in your audience.

Course Topics

  • Master Composter Certification Exam
  • Additional Resources
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Format

Self-paced Online Course


Participants must successfully complete the requirements in the Michigan Composter course in order to register for the certification course.



Registration Instructions

To register for this course you will need to complete the Michigan Composter online course. This is a free, self-paced, online course. Upon completion of the free course, participants will receive instructions for registering for the Master Composter certification.

More Information

For more information, please contact Eliza Hensel at